5 Essential Rules of Watch Etiquette

In the old days, wearing a watch was very sophisticated and was worn by gentlemen. They used to abide by the watch-wearing rules to showcase their proper etiquette. Nowadays, men who like to keep up with the fashion trends and follow fashion know the basic rules of dressing. For example, they know that stepping outside their home in pajamas is not a good thing, nor is wearing a brown belt with black shoes! But when it comes to the etiquette of watch-wearing, these men seem to be left behind!

According to Watcharama, here are the five essential rules of watch etiquette that you might want to keep in your mind:

The color of the dial should resonate with the time of the day

You might know that tuxedos are worn in the evening and not during the daytime at lunch. A kind of similar rule applies to watch-wearing too. During the daytime, you should wear a watch that has a light shaded dial. You can choose a white, light grey, or cream coloured dial. At night, make sure that the color of the dial is of a darker shade. It can be dark blue, black or brown. So, light coloured dials are for your morning office meetings, whereas dark-colored dials are for a late evening party.

Do not check the time on your watch if you have company

It is quite evident that checking your phone during a movie or date night does not make the right impression. Similarly, if you keep checking your watch, it is considered very rude. It implies that you are not enjoying the company of the people and have other things on your mind. What if you check your watch constantly on a date? It might be unintentional, but your partner might think that they are not a good company, and it can negatively affect your relationship.

Wear a watch that looks good on your wrist

Nowadays, it is a trend to wear oversized watches. But in reality, they do not look good. Moreover, an oversized watch might imply that you are trying to show off. The best practice is to wear a watch according to your wrist size. It should not be too small or too big. You can try different-sized watches and click a picture. Then compare the pictures to see which watch suits you the best.

Skip the jewelry studded watch

A jewelry studded watch only cries for attention. This will only draw attention to your watch. A plain and simple watch looks elegant, sophisticated, and gentlemanly. Moreover, a diamond-studded watch might look feminine on a man’s wrist.

Try not to wear the same watch every day

Just like you would not repeat your same attire every day, you should also wear different Men’s Watches UK whenever possible. While it might not be possible to wear seven different watches on seven days, you can wear two watches alternatively.

Just like maintaining your attire and dressing up properly, keeping the basic watch-wearing rules on your mind is equally important. With the help of these tips, you will wear your watch like a gentleman!  

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